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Software Design

Customised ERP and MRP Solutions 


You don't need to start from scratch with an ERP system to boost your manufacturing efficiency. Global Sonic gives you total control over all your manufacturing processes without having to change your accounting system.

Keeping your existing system for financial processes and adding software customised for manufacturing is the ideal enterprise solution for small business and medium sized operations. This combination gives you all the benefits of an ERP system without the cost and complexity. And when it comes to manufacturing efficiency, Global Sonos exceeds any ERP system and is in a class of its own.

Global Sonic's  bill of manufacturing, "Total Control" process workflow, and costing system fit virtually any type of manufacturing business. Whether you make to order or to stock or you have standard or custom manufactured products, Global Sonic gives you the tools to maximize your efficiency potential.

With GS you can use item MRP settings to plan a strategic inventory to reduce your times to shipment while keeping inventory and WIP to a minimum.

Sales orders calculate shipping dates for you and provide the demand that drives MRP job and PO generation within a coordinated, self-adjusting master schedule.

Shop control manages all your processes out on the shop floor. Job sequences are automatically prioritized within work centers to eliminate inefficient expediting and help you ship orders on time.

At Global Sonic we've specialized in providing manufacturing solutions to small and medium businesses. We invite you to contact us for a demonstration so you can experience first-hand why Global Sonic is the ideal manufacturing solution for small business.