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Don’t underestimate the power of a timely telemarketing call in engaging prospects who prefer a conversation with a real, live person.

With so much focus now on Inbound Marketing and Marketing Automation, it shouldn't be forgotten that those initial leads still need someone to convert them into qualified, sales ready, opportunities.


A well timed call can have more impact now than ever before, especially in todays sea of social media, email and webinars. 

An engaged and experienced telemarketer having regular and relevant dialogue with your prospects can mean the difference between winning a contract and not even knowing the opportunity existed!


"Global Sonic have proved telemarketing does work extremely well whether this is to a local buyer or global decision maker. The team is happy to challenge and delivers results."

Head of Marketing,


Pre-defined approach

You will be involved every step of the way, from campaign set up to campaign completion. No one knows your business like you do so your input is invaluable in defining the whole approach and strategy.

Persona based profiling

When planning any telemarketing campaign it’s essential to understand your audience. We’re experts in persona profiling and will work with you to define who your buyers are and how they behave. We use this insight to deliver a personalised, intelligence-based approach.

Flexible calling hours

We can dial as required to ensure your campaign is delivered in a time frame to suit you or based on your research. This ensures we are dialling at the time most likely time to deliver you leads.

Fully qualified appointments

All of the leads and appointments we hand over to you will be fully qualified based on your criteria. Your sales team will be able to listen to the call before they attend any appointment, giving them the critical insight they need to close the deal.